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Cypress Ridge Color Guard

What is Color Guard? Color Guard is a unique performance activity that is the visual part of the Cypress Ridge Marching Band program.


Color Guard members spin flags, rifles and sabre and incorporate dancing and performance into the marching band competition show. Color Guards can be found in most American colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools, and independent drum corps. Members of Color Guard teams march with their fellow marching band members. The guard uses choreography and equipment for added visual appeal during a marching band show. The Color Guard has some great opportunities which include: earning your PE credits for graduation and earning a letter jacket.


In the Fall School Semester, the Color Guard performs with the Marching Band:

- At all regular season football games

- Marching Band Contests


In the Spring School Semester, the Color Guard performs independently for a competitive season. The WINTER GUARD performs to taped music inside of a gymnasium and will be competing against other local high school Color Guards.

Important Information


Director Information


Phone Number:
(281) 807-8019 ( CR Bandhall) 

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